A summary of the best of comdey; an impressive number of superstars from the Province of Quebec and La Francophonie; exclusive solo and duet numbers; original sketches; grandiose production numbers; renowned hosts.

P-A Méthot, Pierre Hébert, Phil Roy, Kev Adams, Les Denis Drolet & Fabien Cloutier are just some of the talented artists that take the stage in this series.

Each year, fans have the chance to attend a live performance at the ComediHa! Fest-Québec or watch it on television, in the comfort of their homes.

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Program info


Télévision Variété


42 minutes

Number of episodes

5 seasons x 13 episodes



Agence ComediHa!

Executive producer

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Delegate Producer

Marie-Claude Filteau, Julie Ross

Producer to content

Nicolas Lemay


Luc Sirois


P-A Méthot | Pierre Hébert | Phil Roy | Kev Adams, Les Denis Drolet | Fabien Cloutier

Filming locations

Palais Montcalm, Québec