ComediHa! ...

Is on a mission to make people LOL around the world.

Paints the town funny with variety shows including Les Galas ComediHa!, JMP, Les Grands Bien-Cuits ComediHa!, Les Grand Rire de…, Roast Battle and a whole lot more.

Works on fictional shows like Les Boys, About Anthony, La Confrérie, LOL ComediHa! (a sketch show broadcast in over 100 countries), the Quebec adaptations of Brooklyn None-Nine (Escouade 99), Toren C (Complexe G) and many more.

Hosts live shows, from one-man shows and event shows to hit plays such as Symphorien and Ladies Night.

And since 2000, we also host a comedy festival in Quebec City. ComediHa! Fest-Québec is now the world’s largest French-language comedy festival and a must-attend for the global comedy industry.

We are an organization proudly celebrating 25 years of helping people see the funny side of life! 

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