La cuisine de Yannicko

When Louis Saia and Pierre Huet put their brains and pens together, as they did with their theatrical adaptation of Symphorien, you know it’s going to be a good time. Enter La Cuisine de Yannicko, an original play that brings to life the adventures of chef-turned-media star Yannicko, who has his own show, a recipe book, a line of cookware… and an oversized ego to match.

This side-splitting satire takes place in the TV studio where Yannicko shoots his show. Unceremoniously dumped by his producer who sold the rights to the show, Yannicko meets Vanessa, a new producer who’d like her son Ronaldo to bring the show back to its former glory. The action takes place behind the scenes of the show rather than during the show itself. And things get especially interesting when Yannick revives his mystery guest of the week segment…

Hold onto your chef’s hats for this pièce de resistance served up by ComediHa! and Productions Martin Leclerc.

Director: Louis Saia
Writers: Louis Saia and Pierre Huet
Dialogue: Pierre Huet, Yvon Landry and Louis Saia
Running time: 100 to 110 minutes with intermission
Actors: 6
Technical crew: 4


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