THE INVINCIBLES is a successful Canadian dramedy that tells the story of Steve, Remy, Peter and Carlos, four lifelong friends on the cusp of turning thirty who decide to break with the monotonous present and relive their care-free twenties. After a solemn pact, which sets the rules for their adventures including the breakup of their respective relationships, these young men become THE INVINCIBLES.

Over the three exciting seasons, we follow the Invincibles’ comic misadventures, their successive romantic entanglements, their search for fun without responsibility and their reaction when their partners decide it’s their turn to take a break. Our four everyday «superheroes» struggle to find a balance between their desire for freedom and their need for stability. At the end of their quest, they come to realize that you can’t put off being an adult forever.

A contemporary cast of extraordinary urban characters makes THE INVINCIBLES one of the most original on French Canadian television for the 18-35 age group.

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Program info


60 minutes

Number of episodes

35 x 60 minutes



Joanne Forgues, Christiane Hamelin


Jean-François Rivard

Filming locations



/ 7 awards Gémeaux / 2 awards Gala Les Olivier / 1 award Numix / 1 award Festival Roma Fictions