The Boys centers on camaraderie of a group of middle-aged amateur hockey players from various walks of life (surgeon, real estate agent, cop, layer, dealer, etc…) who cast aside their respective differences and life challenges each Monday to become the hockey legends they never were. But even the ice cannot shield them from the real world forever. Their beloved coach and owner of their favorite bar, Stan, is also a gambler and lose 50,000$ to a local mobster. Stan doesn’t have the full amount to pay his debt. After threatening to break his leg, the crime boss proposes another wager – a game between the Boys and his own team. If the Boys win, the debt is settled but if they lose, the mobster gets the bar. Stan takes the gamble without telling his players about the deal. He tells the Boys he found a team against whom they can play an extra game before the end of the season. When the game day arrives, the Boys come on the ice to face the mobster’s own handpicked team of ruthless hockey rough necks. Bewildered by the competition, they will bring Stan to confess and finally discloses the wager. The Boys will have to decide if they quit or risk their life for their friend.


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Richard Goudreau


Louis Saia


Rémy Girard, Marc Messier, Pierre Lebeau, Paul Houde, Luc Guérin, Patrick Labbé, Michel Charrette, Yvan Ponton, Roc Lafortune, Réal Béland, Patrice Robitaille, François Papineau, Antoine Bertrand