In this competition, animated by Alexandre Barrette, comedians clash in a merciless verbal battle! The goal is to determine who is the funniest at making fun of his opponent. The comic contestants must demonstrate their ability to break their competitor in front of a live audience. The rules are simple: original material only, no physical contact and a hug at the end of each duel! Sébastien Dubé and two guest judges decide the fate of the 16 comedians so that only one is crowned. In this arena, all blows are allowed… especially the lowest!

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Program info


Télévision Ready-To-Air


30 minutes

Number of episodes

2 seasons x 9 episodes



Agence ComediHa!

Executive producer

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Delegate Producer

Marie-Claude Filteau

Producer to content

Marie-Claude Filteau


Luc Sirois


Season 2 : Anaïs Favron | Billy Tellier | Charles Pellerin | Christine Morency | Dave Morgan | Frank Grenier | Fred Dubé | Jean Philippe Wauthier | Jean Sebastien Girard | Joe Guérin | Korine Côté | Martin Vachon | Pierre-Luc Pomerleau | Simon Delisle | Stéphane Fallu | Sylvain Larocque // Season 1 : Alex Roof | Arnaud Soly | Charles Deschamps | Didier Lambert | Frank Grenier | Franky | Jean-Thomas Jobin | Julien Tremblay | Jérémie Larouche | Korine Coté | Mehdi Bousaidan | Mélanie Couture | Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais | Preach | Rosalie Vaillancourt | Yannick De Martino


Alexandre Barrette


Chief judge - season 2 : Sébastien Dubé (Les Denis Drolet) // Chief judge - season 1 : Mike Ward

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