Shot as part of ComediHa fest 2019, at Théâtre Petit Champlain in Old Québec, the One mini show serie shines a spotlight on six talented and terribly effective comedians by dedicating a complete program to each one of them.

The concept of the serie One mini show is simple; it’s like a one-man show but condensed. Laughter, interviews, confidences and performances on stage. The perfect opportunity to get to know these artists better.

The six comedians who present us their best material in this first season are: Pierre-Luc Pomerleau, Mathieu Cyr, Mélanie Ghanimé, Franky, Silvi Tourigny and Martin Vachon.

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Program info


Télévision Variété


30 minutes

Number of episodes

1 season x 6 episodes


Variety - Comedy


Executive producer

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Delegate Producer

Vicky Talbot


Raphaël Malo


Mathieu Cyr | Franky | Mélanie Ghanimé | Martin Vachon | Pierre-Luc Pomerleau | Silvi Tourigny