Olivier Martineau enjoys scratching the veneer of a society he does not understand, to make a biting observation. It’s always a fair judgement however, since in the final analysis, he hates everyone equally.

He quickly complicates everything, because he does like things to be easy. In the pure tradition of stand-up, he deals with a couple’s relationship as much as that of ghosts, flying saucers, children, fashion and his grandmother. For the occasion, this tall, thin man gives off the airs of a short general as he highlights the absurdity of everyday life. With him, no one is safe.

Joseph Saint-Gelais is responsible for the staging of this 100-minute show. A colourful show in a grandiose setting, it was filmed in the prestigious Grand Théâtre de Québec.

Program info


100 min

Number of episodes




Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Executive producer

Chantale Coulombe, François Lapointe

Delegate Producer

Marie-Claude Filteau

Producer to content



Luc Sirois


Olivier Martineau