Inspired by his singular school path, Mathieu Cyr proposes Sauvé par la cloche, a show / conference that encourages school perseverance. In simplicity and humor, Mathieu gives the students a positive and eye-catching testimony in which he shares his path, living with ADHD and the intimidation of which he was a victim.

Mathieu can also present a lecture focusing on Attention Deficit Disorders followed by a period of exchange with students. A tailor-made encounter that will appeal to young people of all cycles.

The duration of the conference and the show can be adjusted according to the needs of the school.



In French Only
Target Audience: Senior and Junior High and College
Who: Mathieu Cyr
Topic: ADHD and Bullying
Duration: Variable as required (about 60 minutes for the show / conference, about 30 minutes for the conference)


Philippe Cournoyer
Booking Agent
514 667-6880


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