Specification sheet


One-man-show, Humor


83 minutes

Agence ComediHa!

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Denis Savard


Alain Chicoine

Michel Courtemanche, Daphné L’Heureux, Martin Petit

Martin Petit

Québec (Qc) Canada

3 Olivier, 1 Félix (Québec)

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Martin Petit – Humour Libre

Named best comedy show at its debut in 2005, Martin Petit’s Humour Libre offers an international show that opens all borders. He won honors in Quebec (3 Olivier, 1 Félix), Switzerland and Belgium.

With HUMOUR LIBRE, one discovers a convincing Martin Petit, efficient and very funny! He delivers his hilarious texts with all the ease he’s known for.

Inspired by the world around him, Martin Petit presents a surprising and often over-the-top reflection on our choices and their consequences on our lives, on society and on our future.