LOL:) ComediHa! is a unique comedy series made of non-verbal sketches. In these funny bites, versatile characters evolve in varied universes such as incompetent nuclear engineers, remorseless ambulance drivers, impatient chefs, unlucky parachutists. Their outlandish situations destabilise and deliver unexpected pay offs.

For 10 years, the series has staked its high production value on its cinematography, visual effects and design by shooting entirely on location (Cuba, Las Vegas, Utah, Greece, Switzerland). The teams’ magic touch for physical comedy has only grown finer with the years with a renewed casting.

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Program info


Télévision Fiction


22 minutes

Number of episodes

10 seasons x 14 episodes
More than 480 clips of 3-4 minutes
More than 2500 sketches of 30 seconds to 1.20 minute



Agence ComediHa!

Executive producer

Sylvain Parent-Bédard
Denis Savard

Delegate Producer

Denis Savard (lol 1) | Daniel Michaud (lol 1-2) | Nathalie Larose (lol 3-4) | Lenny Jo Goudreau (lol 5-6-7-8-9-10)


Pierre Paquin | François St-Amant


Réal Bossé | Martin Drainville | Julie Ménard | Sylvie Moreau | Antoine Vézina | Cathleen Rouleau

Filming locations

Mexique | États-Unis | Maroc | Canada | République Dominicaine | Suisse | Grèce | Cuba