This Grand Rire special in Belgium, produced during the Festival International du Rire de Liège, provides opportunities for viewers to see together the great names of Quebec comedy such as Anthony Kavanagh, Dominic and Martin, François Massicotte, Dominic Paquet Olivier Martineau and PA Méthot, as well as well-known European stars such as The Brothers Taloche, Eric Antoine, Olivier De Benoist, Jerome Warzée, and Shirley and Dino. Humorous capsules with each of the comedians are hosted by Dominic and Martin and shot in the streets of Belgium.

Program info


2 x 60 minutes ou 1 x 90 minutes



Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Executive producer

Denis Savard

Delegate Producer

Denis Savard

Producer to content

Daniel Michaud


Marc-Olivier Valiquette


Éric Antoine, Olivier de Benoist, Jérôme de Warzée, Dominic et Martin (animateurs), Anthony Kavanagh, Les Frères Taloche, Olivier Martineau, François Massicotte, P-A Méthot, Dominic Paquet, Shirley et Dino

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