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Variety - Humor

2 X 46 minutes et 1 X 90 minutes

Agence ComediHa!

Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Christophe Robin et Nicolas Coppermann

Denis Savard

Vincent Wilson, Richard Valverde

Jean-Luc Lemoine et Michel Courtemanche

Kev Adams, Jean-Michel Anctil, Réal Béland, Michel Boujenah, Véronic Dicaire, Étienne Langevin, Sylvain Larocque, Jean-Luc Lemoine, François Léveillée, Julie Victor, Guillaume Wagner, Mike Ward.

Théâtre Bobino à Paris, France

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Grand Rire à Paris

The Gala Humour du Monde du Grand Rire in Paris was held in 2010 at the renowned Théâtre Bobino. The gala was hosted by Jean-Luc Lemoyne. The resulting television series is hosted by Michel Courtemanche who participates in capsules with guest comedians. In each of them, we discover a typical Parisian decor, leaving the impression that our comedians have really exported their humor to the Ville Lumière.

Étienne Langevin breaks the ice, followed by François Léveillée playing a drunk who tries to appease the impatience of his wife, but always ends up putting his foot in it. Mike Ward assumes his Quebec accent and very raw humor, which seemed to surprise the French. Véronic DiCaire, with his excellent imitations also achieved great success. Sylvain Larocque offers a number on gender relations, and Réal Béland dares clown-like skits, super-funny. Finally, Jean-Michel Anctil gets on all fours to snort the white powder! He and Michel Boujenah have the final word. The two accomplices are magnificent.