With the strength of a partnership lasting since 2008, the Festival d’humour de Paris and the Festival du rire de Québec join forces to present not one but two special events: a gala in Paris and a gala in Marrakech in collaboration with the two festivals of these great cities of the French-speaking world.

These two galas involving several major Quebec stars and some of the greatest entertainers of Europe, including among others: Martin Matte, Mario Jean, Daniel Lemire, Cathy Gauthier, The Chick’n Swell, Dominic Paquet, Luc Senay Marc Boilard, Jamel Debbouze, Gad Elmaleh, Eric Anthony, Patrick Timsit, Kev Adams and Elie Semoun.

In this special series of 4 episodes of 60 minutes, we will have the opportunity to see the talent of the French-speaking world in performances from the biggest French festivals of Europe and Africa: Paris and Marrakech.

The Festival international du rire de Québec and its two partners in Paris and Marrakech have joined forces in order to experience something new for television viewers who will discover their favorite entertainers on the international scene. In a friendly and informative tone, Dominic Paquet allows us to learn more about the invited performers by drawing a portrait of each of them: their origin, their experience, their personality. These presentations are filmed on location in the Paris and Morocco, allowing us to make a connection between these two galas.

Program info


4 x 60 min ou 2 x 90 min



Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Executive producer

Denis Savard

Delegate Producer

Denis Savard


Fabrice Michelin, Richard Valverde, Vincent Wilson


Malik Bentalha, Sébastien Cauet, Jamel Debbouze, Simon Delisle, Gad Elmaleh, Martin Matte, Dominic Paquet (animateur), Omar et Fred, Elie Semoun, Luc Senay, Mario Jean, Daniel Lemire, Cathy Gauthier, les Chick'n Swell, Marc Boilard

Filming locations

Paris, France - Marrakech, Maroc