We spend an average of five years of our lives waiting in line… what do we do with all of this time? 

LINE-UP is a new dramady where we follow two multigenerational families waiting in line… just like us, they might feel all too alone in these forced and confined moments. This simple backdrop brings strangers and their closed-ones together but can also highlight how easy it is to get on each other’s nerves!

The show’s grandparents, parents and children continually cross paths in LINE-UP but they all have all their own issues or a “situation” with someone they have to deal with. During these calm or stressful pauses, the cast further reveals parts of themselves, looking to free themselves from their constraints and find a new balance. What they share is sometimes funny but it can also be heartbreaking. Along the season, we discover what ties all of these unique characters together. 

This series differs from other family series by a qualitative treatment in writing and directing that gives the actors the

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Program info


Télévision Fiction


30 minutes

Number of episodes

2 seasons x 13 episodes



Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Executive producers

Agnès Abbo | Nathalie Bigaouette

Delegate producers

Yannick Savard | Lenny Jo Goudreau

Producer to content

Réal Bossé


Martin Talbot


Réal Bossé | Sylvie Moreau | Muriel Dutil | Richard Fréchette | Iannicko N’doua | Andréanne Théberge | Éléonore Loiselle | Iani Bédard