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Documentary - Humor



22 minutes

Agence ComediHa!

Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Denis Savard

Sophie Polgari


Stéphane Rocheleau

Mikaël Archambault, Philippe Côté-Giguère, Benoit Duquette, Justine Philie, Jean-Pierre Plante


Martin Cloutier, Boucar Diouf, Daniel Lemire, Dominic Paquet, Dominic Sillon, François Léveillée (animateur).

Théâtre Petit-Champlain et lieux divers de la ville de Québec (Qc), Canada

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Écrire pour Rire

Partly filmed in Quebec City, a documentary series of 8 episodes that explores the process of creating a comedy show. The series features four graduate authors from the l’École nationale de l’humour, Benoit Duquette, Michael Archambault, Justine Philie, and Philippe Côté-Giguère, who were entrusted with the creation and writing of two original numbers for well-known comedians. To support them in this sometimes difficult experience, two experienced authors, Fiola Pierre Rivard and Louis Philippe, act as mentors to guide them in their creative process.

Comedians Dominic Paquet, Daniel Lemire, Boucar Diouf and Dominic and Martin interpret the numbers written by the young authors at the Theatre Petit Champlain in beautiful Quebec City. The darling of Québécois comedians, François Léveillée, hosts as well as the staging of the final act.

Follow the writers in their memorable journey, full of successes, but also difficulties. Through them you live the highlights of the series presented with concrete examples, the various stages of producing a comedy show starting from the idea and the conception, through the inevitable stages of writing, rewriting and corrections to arrive at the rehearsals, final adjustments and public performance.