During ComediHa! Fest-Québec 2015, ComediHa! launched the web series “Boîte Vocale”, directed by Rabii Rammal. “Boîte Vocale” is a series of 8 interviews that puts forward ordinarily extraordinary public figures to reveal the people behind the characters. This series arose from the partnership between the ComediHa! Fest and TELUS, which aims to promote accessibility. This series brings together personalities and the public by sharing personal and intimate conversations. In 48 hours, on Facebook only, the videos had been viewed 200,000 times! The team has also been approached by several members of the TV industry with an interest in developing the concept. A creation to follow …

With Olivier Martineau, Cathleen Rouleau, Mike Ward, P-A Méthot, Stéphane Fallu, Mélanie Ghanimé, Alexander Bisaillon and Sylvain Parent-Bédard.

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2 minutes, 20 secondes

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Agence ComediHa!


Rabii Rammal


Alexandre Bisaillon, Stéphane Fallu, Mélanie Ghanimé, Olivier Martineau, P-A Méthot, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Cathleen Rouleau, Mike Ward

Filming locations

Québec (Qc), Canada