He hasn’t changed. Tall, blonde, Swedish, curling champion … It’s really him! He’s always a whirlwind of energy. Physical and with the multitude of characters he embodies, he plunges the audience into an explosive universe. Accent to accent, from town to town, Anthony brings spectators from Paris to Montreal via Val-Belair, Verdun and other mythical places …

He tells us about the adventures of his new life as a dad, he teaches us the right and the left in politics and explains how everything is a matter of perspective. One can expect anything with Anthony Kavanagh. He can do it all: singing, beatbox, dance, mime, landscaping, marriage, cat training, baptism, plumbing …

More biting than ever, Anthony recounts, attacks and mocks, not forgetting anyone, especially himself. After all, the prodigal comedian is back home, and is particularly happy to be here in Quebec for a bout… at home !

Program info


42 minutes

Number of episodes




Sylvain Parent-Bédard, Denis Savard

Executive producer

Sophie Polgari

Delegate Producer

Sophie Polgari

Producer to content



Luc Sirois


Anthony Kavanagh

Filming locations

Dix30 de Brossard, Brossard (Qc), Canada