Robert Charpentier

Robert Charpentier is a man of many talents who has expertly managed the investments of many of Quebec’s leading cultural organizations for years. A respected observer of the changes that have affected Quebec’s television industry, he brings invaluable expertise to Agence QuébéComm, which has been active in the entertainment industry since 1999. His extensive knowledge of the industry makes him well positioned to guide Agence QuébéComm on the path to healthy growth. Robert honed his expertise over his long career at the QFL Solidarity Fund, where he started in 1997. As a portfolio manager, he has been helping the QFL diversify its investments for nearly two decades now. Robert’s experience with television has given him a good overall understanding of Quebec’s TV landscape. For more than 15 years, Robert’s mission has been to invest in the development of Quebec entertainment companies, and their growth and prosperity attest to his flair for strategic investments. His portfolio includes a dozen major players from Quebec’s cultural sector. Robert also sits on their boards, a role which lets him steer them toward growth and success. In his advisory role, he consults in order to help these organizations reach their full potential. Although Robert owes his reputation in large part to his many years as a portfolio manager, he continues to give his time to other boards as well. He has devoted much of his energy to improving the healthcare system over his 25 years as a member of the board of Charles Lemoyne Hospital. He is also a strong believer in an effective education system, and for six years, Cégep Édouard-Monpetit benefited from his wisdom. Over the course of his career, Robert has acquired invaluable knowledge of the cultural community, especially the television industry and its changing role. His keen sense of strategy and his knack for anticipating trends are vital assets for Agence QuébéComm’s strategic development.