Mathieu Cyr

Mathieu Cyr

Mathieu Cyr, the guy who talks about serious subjects without taking himself seriously or stupid subjects without being stupid. Well… it depends!

Mathieu offers a comedic world that is, at the same time, both accessible and extraordinary. His content: a happy mix of anecdotes and social observations, always funny and topical.

Endearing, goofy, sometimes incisive, but always entertaining, Mathieu Cyr astonishes with his effectiveness. Repeatedly challenging audiences, Mathieu uses his sharp sense of repartee to skilfully hold his audience in suspense! The artist glides easily from stand-up to anecdotes, from humorous songs to improvisation with the audience, making him one of the most versatile and appreciated comedians of his generation.

Currently in full preparation for his first one-man show, to officially launch for Fall 2018, Mathieu is a regular on the stage and at the prestigious comedy galas televised by ComediHa! and Juste pour rire.

Over the years, Mathieu has accumulated television appearances by appearing in shows such as Trait d’humour (Unis), Comédie sur mesure (Z), Week-end de Bois (Z), Les pires chauffards du Québec (Z), Buzz (Musique Plus), Trucs et Cie (V), the Mike Ward show (Musique Plus), Cap sur l’été (Radio-Canada) and Slaque la cravate (Télétoon).

On the web, in addition to his publications, which rack up both “likes” and “shares”, Mathieu collaborates with the specialized “Z télé” channel, on a series of humorous capsules on various subjects. His new project “Le Lift”, which is a series of interviews with fellow comedians, will entertain his fans and provoke discussions!

There’s enough to continue to accumulate millions of views to date. (Adrienne et Jasons sports (MSN)).


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