Les Denis Drolet

Les Denis Drolet

Les Denis Drolet have been surprising and delighting audiences with their contagious madness since graduating from École nationale de l’humour in 2000.

In addition to creating three critically acclaimed shows, the pair has recorded three albums and even had a chart-topping song, “Fantastique.” Les Denis Drolet won the Félix award for Best Comedy Show in 2004 and have won three Olivier awards including Creator(s) of the Year. Their original brand of off-kilter comedy has made them a fan favourite.

They have also hosted a number of television shows including Canal DD, (a parody of Canal D) and L’Autre gala de l’ADISQ from 2012 to 2014.

In 2016, Les Denis were cast members of the youth series Comment devenir une légende on the Vrak network and hosted the Just for Laughs Rationnels vs F**kés gala along with comedic duo Dominic et Martin. In honour of their impressive career, the City of Montreal even named an alley after the duo—Ruelle verte Denis Drolet in the Petite Patrie neighbourhood!

What better place to keep grooving to “Just to Buy My Love” forever!


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