Rébecca Potvin-Gravel

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Rébecca Potvin-Gravel wanted to become a knight or a pirate. However, not wanting to wear a coat of armour on her sensitive skin or unearth cursed treasures, she became an author out of frustration. Rébecca Potvin-Gravel has the same birthday as her cleaning lady, Pierrette, and also shares her penchant for April Fresh Downy and her obsession for folding washcloths while watching the sunset. The young (but not as young as you think) author also loves Russian literature, Sigourney Weaver films (yes, even Snow Cake) and breakfast at any time. Rébecca Potvin-Gravel is not looking for celebrity… or her upstairs neighbour’s lost cat. She prefers to play her Xena Warrior Princess DVD in her semi-basement apartment while pretending to use dangerous chakrams. 

To be honest, Rébecca Potvin-Gravel is a bit mad.

But madness never killed anyone!


Not at ComediHa! anyways.




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