Jean-François Provençal

  • Comedian
  • Director
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Graphic Designer
  • Actor

Jean-François is a comedian, author, musician, graphic artist, director (Les Appendices on Télé-Québec), actor (Trop on Radio-Canada, Papa on TVA) and completely naked (at least, during meals in his kitchen).

You’ve also seen him as a contributor on Alt, on VRAK, as well as the face of the Vachon cakes ad campaign on the web.

Yes, he’s also the one who created the international hits: J’ai faim plus que Alain (croque des concombres), Homme du monde, Michel a soif and Le vilaje de l’ansien tant! on Nouvelle-France, which together have accumulated over 15.5 million views on Facebook and 3 million on YouTube, never mind all the unofficial versions that can also be seen on so many web pages.


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