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Originally from the charming town of Brossard (she is almost no longer ashamed, almost!), Gabrielle Caron decided to become a genuine comedian after having played the class clown in primary, secondary, college and university!

 Charismatic, smiling, funny, energetic and an accomplished businesswoman, Gabrielle is a talented comedian and an artist at heart, someone who makes you want to share one of those silly best friend pendants with. She applies all these qualities in projects like Code F., Salut Bonjour week-end, the “3 Bières” podcast, her own company, “Drôle de Même!”, her personal blog,  “Moi pis ma face”, La vie n’est pas un magazine, Les Détestables and the one-woman show of the comic Korine Côté, “Mon show”.

In her wildest dreams, she is a prima-ballerina-doctor-sister of Beyoncé and fiancé of Claude Legault. In real life, she is a comedian-author-blogger-columnist-host-lecturer and proud woman of the world.


Pierre-Luc Dancause, booking agent

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Phone : 418 647-2525 #115


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Phone : 514 667-6880

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