Cathleen Rouleau

Cathleen Rouleau

Cathleen Rouleau’s humor is a delicious mixture of surprises, audacity, candor, effronteries, absurdities, madness, reflections, and … What is it called again? Oh yes! … Funny.

A graduate of l’École nationale de l’humour, she is known for her many appearances at important festivals : ComediHa! Fest (formerly le Grand Rire de Québec), Zoofest and Juste Pour Rire (Montreal), Voo Rire of Liège (Belgium), Morges sous Rire (Switzerland), Les Fantaisies toulonnaises (Côte d’Azur, France)…

She also performed on the most popular stages of comdy: Le ComediHa! Comédie Club of Québec (who welcomes the best comedy talents, emerging and professional, in the Province of Quebec); Les Mercredis Juste Pour Rire of Montréal (a must-evening in the metropolis), Le Jamel Comedie Club of Paris (where all French comedians dream of performing, )… to name but a few.

You also saw her on television hosting the Show Parallèle (Musique + in January 2016), the Galas du Grand Rire (Radio-Canada and Canal D), the Comédie Club (Canal D), in lol:-) (TVA), as the second role in Vrak La Vie (VRAKtv), hosting Gros Titres (Matv), columnist at Cliptoman (Musique +), « nobody » in Un gars le soir (V), columnist for Sucré-Salé (TVA), columnist for Cap sur l’été (Radio-Canada), panelist at Atomes Crochus (V), columnist at En Supplémentaire (RADIO-Canada QC, as well as in the leading role of various commercials (including Tim Hortons and Volskwagen).

Don’t let yourself be trapped by her large childish eyes; Cathleen Rouleau seeks to soften you only to better destabilize you with her scathing humor !

P.S Cathleen also writes books. You can now venerate her.



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