About us

ComediHa! specializes in creating side-splitting content for the live entertainment, television and online markets. We rely on our staff of 60 full-time go-getters and 1,400 temporary and freelance helper-outers to do what we do best: make people laugh worldwide.

The ComediHa! Agency represents 20+ artists and creators, working from our head office in Quebec City as well as our satellite offices in Montreal and Los Angeles. The content created and produced by ComediHa! charms and cheers millions of comedy fans around the world every year. ComediHa! is also the driving force behind the ComediHa! Fest in Quebec City, which paints the town funny every August.

ComediHa! has brought over 3,000 live performances to the stage and 500 shows to the small screen.

Our Mission and Pledge

The ComediHa! Agency is committed to making people laugh worldwide by bringing audiences a quality entertainment experience through:

  •  Research and innovation
  •  Creation
  •  Talent management
  •  Production
  •  Distribution, booking and touring


To become the most influential voice in various comedy communities and to make people laugh worldwide.



These are the core values that guide and inspire our entire team and provide the foundation for the corporate culture that guides the ComediHa! Agency. They are the principles upon which our mission and our vision are based.