Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Sylvain Parent-Bédard | Founding President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Let it be known that Sylvain graduated from l’Université Laval and HEC, is Founding President of Groupe QuébéComm, Founding President of ComediHa! Fest-Québec (Festival international du rire de Québec), Founder of SISMYK and ComediHa!, Founder of Fédération internationale de Festivals d’humour « Humour du Monde », Producer of the television series lol:-), a worldwide success, televised in over 100 countries, Producer of the television series « Complexe G », Producer of the television series « Les Galas Grand Rire » and « Les Galas ComediHa! », Producer of the television series « Comédie Club ComediHa! », Producer of numerous stage shows, Promoter and Producer of « Céline Dion… only once » and Promoter of the Madonna MDNA event on the Plains of Abraham…. we can already acknowledge his outstanding professional achievements and his will to radiate Quebec’s creations in Quebec City in the Province of Quebec, in Canada and around the world.

But what distinguishes Sylvain from everyone else, is his ability to professionally pursue his childhood dreams, his honesty to share his successes with all those who worked and are working with him and the opportunity to be surrounded by loyal people even in the most difficult times… enough to confound his leadership qualities with those of being simply human, which he safeguards. Evidence of his voluntary involvement in social causes over the years; (Board member of UNICEF (Quebec Division), President of the Fondation du Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle) or helping to advance occupational causes close to his heart (Board member of l’APIH, Association des professionnels de l’industrie de l’humour, and Membre de l’Académie des « International Emmy Awards »).

Sylvain, a serious man in a universe of humour, a smiling man in a universe of music!
Passion, pleasure and perseverance guide him daily.