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45 minutes

Agence ComediHa!

Sylvain Parent-Bédard

Denis Savard, Sophie Polgari

Josée Desrosiers

Jean-François Blais, Luc Sirois, Benoît Giguère, Vincent Wilson




Grand Théâtre de Québec

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Galas Grand Rire

Produced at the Grand Théâtre de Québec as part of the Festival Grand Rire, television viewers have a chance to see many humorous numbers, solos, duets and exclusive groups of comedians from the Province of Quebec and elsewhere, that will definitely have everyone laughing.

Get ready for a good laugh with the « Galas du Grand Rire », a series featuring artists such as Jean-Michel Anctil, Éric Salvail, Dominic Paquet, Olivier Martineau, Peter MacLeod, Marie-Lise Pilote, Louis Morissette, Véronique Cloutier, Michel Barrette, Boucar Diouf, Dominic et Martin, Pierre Hébert, Réal Béland, François Massicotte, Ben et Jarrod, Sylvain Larocque, Les Denis Drolet, Cathleen Rouleau, P-A Méthot and many others, as well as the presence of international artists such as Michel Boujenah, Pierre Aucaigne, Yann Lambiel and Gad Elmaleh.