FIFHR currently has five active members, the ComediHa! Québec City, Voo Rire de Liège in Belgium, Morges-sous-rire in Switzerland, Marrakech du Rire in Morocco and the Festival Performance Actor in Cannes in France.

The main goal of this organization is to offer professionals of the humor industry an incomparable network of artists and broadcasters, thus promoting the cultural exchanges and visibility of the participating countries. The Federation is an essential platform in the circulation of humorous talents and creates, thanks to its many partnerships, joint projects between the different countries involved, both on stage and on television.

With its international reputation, the head office of this crossroads of exchange and networking in humor has been established since its creation in the city of Quebec under the bosom of Agence ComediHa !. The Fédération is undoubtedly a leading player in the export and promotion of Québec culture abroad.


Participating festivals