Olivier Martineau

Olivier Martineau

After having played small venues for several years, finally, in January 2015, Olivier Martineau launched his first one-man show called Olivier Martineau, a project that will reward his audacity in many ways. He quickly achieved the Silver Ticket for his first 25,000 tickets sold; the comedian’s eponymous show now counts 40,000 spectators across Quebec.

The Olivier Martineau show also marks the consecration of this artist who quickly attracted the love and loyalty of the public. Olivier can now say that his talent and the reputation he forged has led him to surpass the status of up-and-coming comedian, as he has now risen to the rank of a must-see in the world of comedy.

Notable beginnings

In 2008, Olivier Martineau left the teaching of dramatic art to devote body and soul to his vocation: comedy. He rose quickly up the ranks and, in 2010, he was crowned grand winner of the “En route vers mon premier gala” show, organized by the Juste pour rire Festival. Since then he has appeared in several important comedy shows and found his way to the Festival Grand Rire where he claimed the Nez d’or Révélation prize in 2012.

The public began to discover in this artist with his hyperactive vocal performance, a comedian to watch, and acclaimed him in performance after performance on the stages of the Festival Juste pour rire, Festival Grand Rire, Grand Rire Comédie Club, Zoofest and Festival de l’humour de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

An international presence

Olivier’s extraordinary talent quickly led him to perform on the other side of the ocean, where he was a huge hit on the stages of the Jamel Comedy Club and the Festival L’Humour en Capitales in Paris. He did the same at the Marrakech du Rire, the festival in Morocco founded by comedian Jamel Debbouze, and at the Voo Rire de Liège in Belgium.

Among the biggest names

If Olivier Martineau has quickly inscribed his name next to the biggest names in comedy, it is because he has worked alongside them throughout his ascent. In 2013, Olivier opened for the comedian Anthony Kavanaugh for his tour in Quebec.  He did the same for Jamel Debbouze for his tour in Quebec the same year, and then for the tour of Gad Elmaleh when he kicked off his sold-out show in Quebec City in 2015.

And, of course, it is impossible not to mention his acclaimed performance on the stage of the Grand Théâtre de Québec as the opening act for the historic Jerry Seinfeld show at the Festival Grand Rire 2014.

A new step

Now Olivier Martineau is a must for the biggest comedy festivals in Quebec. Over the past years, he has hosted a ComediHa! Festival in 2014 and in 2015, in addition to performing in several of Festival Just pour rire galas since 2013.

In 2016, the Victor prize that he received as an Honourable Mention of the jury during the Festival Juste pour rire marked a new step in his career. No longer crowned as an emerging artist, Olivier proved with this new distinction that he has taken his rightful place alongside the greats in the comedy industry.  Once again, the comedian demonstrates that his name is here to stay while he continues to make people laugh everywhere he goes.

Major achievements: 

2016 – Prix Victor, Honourable Mention of the jury at the Festival Juste pour rire, Collaboration of the Buzz show at Musique Plus.

2016 – Silver Ticket for the Olivier Martineau tour

2015 – Opening act for Gad Elmaleh

2014-2015 – Nominated 2 times in the Discover category at the Gala des Olivier

2014 et 2015 – Host of the Festival ComediHa! gala

2013 et 2014 – Host of the Comédie Club, les étoiles du Comédie Club, Grand rire des Fêtes

2014 – Opening act for Jerry Seinfeld

2013 – Opening act for Jamel Debbouze

2013 – Opening act for the Anthony Kavanagh tour

2013 – Performed at the Jamel Comedy Club, at the Festival L’Humour en Capitales in Paris, in Marrakech du rire and at Voo Rire de Liège in Belgium

2012 – Nez d’or Révélation Prize at the Festival Grand Rire

2012 – First prize and Audience Prize at the Concours de la relève de Val-d’Or. Appearance at the Juste pour rire galas: Gala de Laurent Paquin and Cathy Gauthier in 2016, Gala France vs Québec in 2016, Gala d’André Sauvé in 2015, Gala de François Pérusse in 2015, Gala de Mike Ward in 2014, Gala de Laurent Paquin in 2013, Gala d’Emmanuel Bilodeau in 2013, etc.

2010 – Winner of the En route vers mon premier gala show


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