François Léveillée

François Léveillée

When you’re a 40-year veteran performer who has turned 60, you can live your dream. François Léveillée is a passionate dabbler, much like an alchemist, and he has spent his entire life pitting himself against time, defying the human race, mastering material, and braving the elements. After four comedy tours, he decided to return to his lab to craft a new show.

For this show, François Léveillée has dug deep into current events, dissected the collective subconscious, and analyzed society’s habits to isolate ingredients that trigger tiny electrical signals and release chemical keys that light up the neurons. The result is an unforgettable show that leaves audiences with a smile on their lips and a contagious sense of well-being. With his jokes and songs, François is nothing less than an alchemist of happiness and joy.



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