About us


The ComediHa! Agency is a privately-owned Quebec-based Canadian entrepreneurial company, founded by Sylvain Parent-Bédard in 1997. It is headquartered in the old capital Quebec City with additional offices in Montreal and Hollywood.    

Over the years, the Agency has diversified its activities in the fields of humour and music. Every day, the teams, artisans and artists explore comedy on all platforms. Whether it is large-scale events, performing arts, TV, web, writing and music, new media or the introduction of individual comedic artists, ComediHa! wants people to “See the funny side of life” 365 days a year at 360o.


The ComediHa! Agency has a mandate to “Make people laugh around the World” by offering the experience of extraordinary entertainment by supporting:

  • Research and innovation
  • Creation
  • Management of artists
  • Production
  • Broadcasting


Through appreciation of its creations and artists, the ComediHa! Agency would like to become the world’s most influential leader in the various communities of comedy and humour either with artisans or the general public, as bearer of a movement that helps “Make people laugh around the world”.



Shared and conveyed by members of the team, these values are at the core of the culture of the ComediHa! Agency. They represent the foundation upon which the achievement of our mandate and the pursuit of our vision are based.